Saturday, 13 August 2016

Adventures in Kefalonia!

Ah so I haven't been keeping up with blogging and much as I should have done recently but work has been tiring and I haven't had the motivation to continue as much as I usually would do but I'm back today with a blog post detailing my recent trip to Kefalonia in Greece. 

I spent a week in Scala, which is quite a hilly area but has a lovely beach and is a lovely area. There are a lot of restaurants where you can eat but we were all inclusive so mostly decided to stay in the hotel at night as there was entertainment there. 

One of the highlights of the trip had to be the caves we visited as part of a boat trip of the island, they were amazing to see and it was a truly special experience to be able to not only see the caves but also to go inside them! As there are very few places in the world with caves of its kind. 

The views from the boat trip and even from our own hotel were stunning. Our balcony looked over the sea and it was a beautiful sight to wake up to, one that you wish you could wake up to every morning! The view from the balcony is pictured below!!

Kefalonia is such a beautiful island and although it has had its fair share of earthquakes it has never lost its beauty. My parents visited the island over 20 years ago and although a lot of change has taken place, the essence and the natural beauty and warmth has remained the same. It is definitely somewhere I would visit again!

J x

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