Sunday, 18 June 2017

Olly Murs at Market Rasen!

Hey Guys!

So this is a slightly delayed post as I did see Olly Murs in Market Rasen quite some time ago now! However I thought it would still be a good experience to document on the blog!

For Christmas I got my mum tickets for ladies day at Market Rasen where Olly Murs was going to be performing in the evening. We had all been excited for months!
We went down early to enjoy some of the racing but unfortunately for that period the weather wasn't on our side! We wasn't very lucky on the betting side of things either but we all kept our smiles on and had a good time

Olly put on an amazing performance in the evening, barely stopping for breath throughout the two hour show! I loved getting all dressed up and being able to experience the day with my lovely family! I can't wait to see who's going to be performing next year!
J x

Sunday, 4 June 2017

My very first Cruise Ship experience!

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't been around on here in a while, things have been very busy, chaotic and messy in my personal life but I'm trying to get things back on track now and this blog is the start of doing that.

On Thursday I got back from spending a week on one of the best holidays I've had, it was my first experience of being on a cruise ship and it was one that I won't be forgetting, it left me wanting to go back!

We flew into Malta where we boarded the beautiful Oceana ship, through P&O Cruises. I'd definitely recommend this company for a first time cruise, everyone is so friendly, the staff are incredibly helpful and work harder than any hotel I've ever been in and perhaps an important factor for some of you, the drinks are reasonably priced! We didn't see much of Malta itself but it looks to me like a beautiful place and somewhere I would love to return to and explore more of.

After that first day we sailed to Corsica where we got off the boat and went for a short train ride around the island, this was a lovely little trip to get us off the ship and we was able to explore at our leisure! We carried on through France for the next couple days, being able to explore Nice and Cannes where the Cannes Film Festival was taking place (we wasn't lucky enough to spot any celebs but the atmosphere was amazing).

We then moved on to Italy, exploring Florence and Pisa on the first day and then Rome on the second. The temperature rose significantly into the 30s when we got to Italy which made it incredibly hot, however it's no secret that Italy is renowned for it's ice cream, which we thoroughly enjoyed!

Overall we all really enjoyed this trip and have already started looking at another cruise for next year!!

Would I go again? In a heartbeat
J x