Friday, 27 May 2016

To be happy you need to allow yourself to be happy

This is something I've been learning a lot recently, that to be happy you must first allow yourself to be happy. You must accept that you do deserve this, that it has happened for a reason and you are entitled to it, you must learn to know and recognise you're own worth. 

Recently, things have been great. I have a fantastic boyfriend, a job that I love, a supportive set of friends, I'm learning to drive and have recently bought a car. Yet, at first I wanted to run away from it all, I felt that I didn't deserve any of that, like it wasn't supposed to be happening to me. 

I guess a lot of this has come from a lack of self believe from a young age. Always being shocked when I achieved something or got a good result, waiting for something bad to happen again as soon as things turned good, being scared of the good. I've slowly had to accept that good things do happen, rewards do exist and they happen due to determination and hard work. 

With an attitude like this it's probably natural to wonder if I can ever be truly happy and I have wondered this myself. If I feel on edge at the best of times, can true happiness exist? I believe it can , I believe that I am truly happy but before happiness there has to be acceptance. 

Accept the good with open arms and deal with the bad as it comes, accept that there is nothing to be afraid of and that in every life there will be a sequence of good and bad events that need to be embraced. 

"To live would be an awfully big adventure " - Peter Pan

J x

Friday, 20 May 2016

A week in Filey!

Earlier this month I left school a week early and went to Filey with my boyfriend and his family whist my parents went to Gran a Canaria for the week I was away. 

I was dropped off at my boyfriends house on the Saturday and over the weekend learnt how to make pancakes (kind of) as I am not the best of cooks, my very tragic attempt at a pancake is seen below, although Alan was still good enough to eat it bless him😂

On our way to the Blue Dolphin caravan park in Filey where we were stopping we stopped off at the Humber Bridge for a few photos, I hadn't stopped there before but it was a really good place to get some good photos along with some great views of the bridge and I would definitely encourage anyone to make a short stop there if they are passing. 

We was lucky that it was a sunny day on the day we set of which made the photos even better! 

We had a little trip out during our stay to get some fish and chips by the coast and whilst it was a little chilly it didn't matter to us in that moment as we was on holiday and having a good time. 

As well as this we also went on a cliff top walk which is something I've never done before but definitely a unique experience. From the caravan park you could climb up a grassy hill until reaching a fence, when climbing over there was a muddy path where you could walk along the cliff. As it was quite windy that day this probably wasn't the most sensible idea but some of the best ideas are the most crazy ones. 

And just incase you're wondering, yes I did steal his coat, I'm sorry🙈

We also visited the Sealife Sanctuary in Scarborough which is probably where a lot of my photos came from!

We also bought a keyring and photo that we had taken as we went into the sanctuary which is now pinned up on my bedroom wall along with all the other memories! 

Overall it was definitely an amazing trip and such a great experience to have! 

J x

Friday, 6 May 2016

Last day at school!

Today was my last day at school. After 7 years I suppose a normal person would feel some sort of sadness at this departure but for me I  cannot help but feel almost numb. Leaving school is just another stepping stone and I can't help feeling that this is just all part of a journey. I'll start work soon as I've got an apprenticeship so really it feels like all I'm doing is moving from one institution to another, although the new role will bring with it many new opportunities and experiences and I am looking forward to it, there's no doubt about that. 
I don't know what it is about school but I've always felt a bit fed up there. Of course it's had its good days but there's also been days where I've felt that everyone around me is somewhat immature and I suppose that's come from being forced to grow up and focused from an early age. I've always been focused on doing well and having a career. When I was thinking about starting a business others were going out or playing computer games. I suppose there's nothing wrong with that, it's their choice and it may be the reason why I've also felt comfortable more around older people, considering people within my own age group to be just slightly immature and to an extent, fake. 
I cannot doubt though that I have some amazing friends and boyfriend within my own age group who have supported me on all my ambitions and I am very thankful to them for being in my life. 
I look forward to the new opportunities and adventures that the future brings 

J x

"Life is an art form to be lived beyond boundaries"

Monday, 2 May 2016

Upcoming adventures!

So recently I've had a lot of exciting things going on which I haven't necessarily talked about on this blog. 

I've recently got an apprenticeship which I will be starting within the upcoming weeks once paperwork is completed which I am really looking forward to as it is an area that I want to go into. 

I'm also going on a trip to Filey next week  with my boyfriend which I am really looking forward to and will be blogging about once I get back (along with lots of photos!) 

I definitely want to work on this blog more in the future too and make travel one of my main goals in the next couple years I believe that travel can open the mind to new experiences and ways of thinking that can't be achieved within the routine that we currently live in. 

I look forward to sharing all of these adventures with you 

J x