Thursday, 16 August 2018

Snack Box Swap!

Hey Guys!

So as I’m off work sick today this has given me a good opportunity right relax, sleep and when I feel up to it, write a blog post! 

I’m in a lot of travel groups across social media and had the idea to try a snack box swap with a girl I met in one of these groups who was from Denmark. It worked so well and when I shared the idea in the travel groups I was in, it took off! It led me to creating a group specifically designed for this purpose which you can find below.  

I am so pleased with how to group has grown but the idea wouldn’t be complete without sharing this on my blog! 
I sent snacks from England and received a box full of yummy Danish snacks which ranged from cinnamon rolls to chocolate caramel turtles! I haven’t been able to try them all yet but I’m looking forward to when I do! 

A couple of tips if you’re looking at doing a similar idea: 

- Join the group, there’s a whole community of people wanting to swap!

- Set a budget so it’s equal and fair 

- Try to send the same day or week as the person you swap with 

- Check customs regulations, there may be certain foods that you cannot include, if this is the case it may even be worth swapping other items instead. 

- Check for allergies! 

I hope this helps, it really was a unique and really fun experience and I look forward to doing more swaps in the future! 

J x

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Cruising around the Med!

Hey Guys,

So I’ve slightly neglected this blog recently which is something I’m hoping to get back on top off very soon, as you can see from my Instagram I have a lot to write about!

I recently went on a cruise to Malta, Croatia and Italy on the P&O cruises Oceana ship. It was my second crusie but I had such a great time. I feel as though there is a large stereotype that cruising is for older people and although the majority of passengers were older than myself, I feel it is a great way to see a lot of beautiful countries in one trip!

We started our trip flying from Manchester and booked one of the airport lounges before our flight. I’d definitely recommend this if you can as it makes the whole airport experience a lot more relaxing and to me it felt like I could start my holiday early as I tucked into pasta, cheese and ice cream!

Our first stop was Malta as this is the country that we flew into it. Unfortunately we had to board the ship straight away due to having a late flight so didn’t really get to explore but fortunately due to a late flight home we had the whole day to explore Malta on the way back.
We took a lift to the the Old Town which provides amazing views across the city and even got to here the cannon go off at midday. It’s a great place for shopping too and you can find some bargain souvenirs down the side street! I was so impressed by the stunning architecture Malta has and feel that it’s such an underrated destination, I can’t wait to travel here again soon and have more time to explore further afield!

Our next destination was Croatia! We visited Dubrovnik and took a cable car up the mountain before heading to the nearby town of Cavtat. The cable car is definitely a must do for getting perfect views across Dubrovnik and Cavtat is ideal to escape the business of Dubrovnik. We opted to eat here too due to meals being slightly cheaper as it’s out of the main tourist spot. It also offers stunning scenery and I enjoyed eating lunch watching the passing boats!

Our last stop on the trip was Venice which is somewhere which stole my heart! I was worried I’d be slightly disappointed after all the hype I’d heard but it really is an incredible place to visit. I woke up at 5am just to watch the sunrise as we arrived in Venice which is a must do when arriving by ship. I’d recommend visiting Venice early morning to avoid large crowds, the pavements and side streets get very warm during the summer which isn’t helped by the crowds so be sure to be prepared for this! Venice has no cars and can only be accessed on foot or by boat. It’s a surreal sight to see all the water taxis whizzing past! The final thing I would recommend is to eat outside of the main tourist areas, it’s easy to find some cheaper options down the many side streets in Venice. 
I was adamant before visiting that I wouldn’t do a Gondola as I saw them as a cliche tourist trap. However on visiting I was won over by them, it was a beautiful thing to experience and something I won’t ever forget. If visiting as a couple I’d definitely recommend it for a romantic experience but it’s perfect for any type of traveller!

I am so lucky to experience so many incredible places and I can’t wait to share my next adventure with you and look forward to reading all about yours too! 

J x

Monday, 28 May 2018

Celebrating the bank holiday

Hey guys!

I love a bank holiday and not having to wake up on a Monday morning to go to work. We started the weekend by going to a local comedy night where we laughed into the night and got to catch up with friends too.
 It was also lovely the celebrate a six month anniversary with my boyfriend which we did by going for a lovely meal at a local restaurant where I had salmon and a New York Baileys cheesecake! 

On Sunday we headed to the beach at Skegness where we spent the afternoon shopping, winning tickets on the arcades, walking along the beach, listening to music and tucking into ice cream and fish and chips! The beach has always been one of my favourite places to be and I don’t think I will ever stop wanting to live by the sea! 

As you might be able to tell it’s rare for me to have a relaxing day, I love being busy and going on lots of adventures but it was nice today to be a bit more laid back. We headed into town where we picked up a few bits and then laid back in bed for the rest of the day, even having a couple of naps! 

I do find that I have neglected this blog recently but I hope to be back on it soon with lots of updates and new adventures! 

Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend!

J x

Sunday, 29 April 2018

It’s okay to have lazy days

Hey guys!

So I know the title of this blog post is probably quite an obvious statement for a lot of people but it’s something I’ve only recently come to realise after meeting my boyfriend. 
I’m a naturally busy person, out of choice. I’m always working, going to events, socialising etc and I feel that if a weekend isn’t spent “going out” then it’s wasted, at least I used to anyway. 

However having now spent a few weekends simply relaxing, staying in bed watching films, reading blogs and even taking some naps I’ve realised not only are lazy days actually quite fun but they’re also really important for your body. It gives your body time to rest and recover from all the ‘out and about’ stuff. It doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole day in bed (although I have on occasion) a relaxing walk and a bit of fresh air is also beneficial. 

On a typical weekend before I met my boyfriend I would be out with friends Friday night and then possibly even visiting a different city early the next day, with a trip to town Sunday to finish off the weekend. I wasn’t relaxing at all other than when I was asleep, I rarely took naps and although I didn’t realise it at the time, I was exhausted. 

I’ve now learnt to balance myself and feel a lot healthier. I still go out some weekends and go to events if they appeal to me but I also spend some days in bed watching Netflix (using the bf’s account because he’s the best like that❤️) but I’m not constantly draining my body and I’m also receiving the best back massages I’ve ever had and waking up at the weekends with the person I love, no amount of going out could beat that. 

I’m not saying waste life staying in bed either (I’m a travel blogger) but finding a balance is really important. There’s so much pressure from reading other blogs and social media to be doing and seeing things all the time but a lot of good can be had by taking a bit of time out too. 

J x

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Switching off in Leeds

Hey Guys!

Happy Easter! It’s the 1st April already and I can’t believe how quickly this year is going. I’ve always really liked the quote “we don’t travel the escape life, we travel for life not to escape us”. It’s so true and something that doesn’t really set in until you experience how quickly life can change and how caught up in normal routine you can become. 

I’ve been blogging for a while now and I am always so thankful for the amazing opportunities that blogging has brought me. I’ve been lucky enough to work with hotels from Nottingham to Amsterdam and my passion for this has never once faltered. 

I have just got back from a lovely overnight trip in Leeds with my boyfriend and it was the first time in a while that I went without having the take loads of photos and without having to think about strategically planning a review and a series of social media posts, I could relax and that’s something that had been lacking on my previous trips somewhat. We went shopping, went to a comedy night, found a super cute cafe for breakfast and visited the royal armouries museum, it was great just strolling round the streets.

For this reason I tried to spend as little time as possible on my phone, I took a few photos but nowhere near as many as I would if I was writing a review and it was really refreshing. 

I learnt how important it is to sometimes just switch off and not have the pressure of what other people think but just to keep doing you! 

Make sure that you all get a bit of time for yourself this easter and spend time with those closest to you. 

J x

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Should you travel when you’re young?

Hey Guys!

This is a question that I’ve always battled with myself. When I talk about wanting to travel everyone will always say “do it while you’re young”. They mean this, I presume in the sense that I will have my health and little responsibilities when I am young but I wonder if that’s strictly true. 

Yes my health is stable at the moment but it has its problems which I don’t need to go into. I have a well paid job which not many people get to do and yes I am terrified about finding a job when I return from travelling. I know it’s unlikely to find something like where I am now so I wonder if it’s worth it. 

The thing is, now isn’t the right time but it never will be. I don’t believe that there ever is a ‘right time’ to travel but in fact you have to make your own right time. There will always be risks, setbacks and things holding you back, not everyone is going to support you. 

This is your life and time goes so fast. Some places in the world are disappearing and could be non-existent in a few years. There will always be pros and cons but only you can decide when you’re ready. 

J x

Saturday, 10 February 2018

An Amsterdam Getaway

Hey Guys,

So I’ve finally had the time to sit down and write this little post for you about our spontaneous trip away to Amsterdam! I had the luxury of having a few days of work so wanted to make the most of it as much as I could (I hate sitting still!).

We grabbed a Pizza at Doncaster Airport before flying straight to Amsterdam, a great flight time in under an hour! 

We wanted to make the most of our three nights in Amsterdam so even ended up taking a wander around the city despite getting there fairly late at night. We was always surprised by how easy it was to get around and how friendly and helpful everyone was if we was ever stuck for directions! 

We stayed at the beautiful Pension Homeland. An oasis of calm and walking distance to the centre of Amsterdam. There are so many things which make this hotel unique but the one that stands out the most to me is the location. It’s situated on what is known as the Marine Land and is formerly an old naval base. From our room we could also look out onto all the boats which was certainly a lovely view to wake up to each morning! 

The rooms are large with murals like the one in the picture above. Although we stayed here as a couple it would also be perfect for families looking for a sense of calm amongst the buzz of the city. 

Another unique aspect of this hotel is that it has its own brewery on site! I’ve never been much of one for beer myself but this is one of the nicest I’ve had (my partner who does drink beer also agrees!). It’s definitely worth popping in for a drink or two if you’re ever in the area especially at these prices! 

The thing I loved most about Amsterdam was how close everything was to each other! I’m not usually much of one for walking but we literally walked everywhere and saw so much and everyone was so friendly! We wandered round the markets where I picked up some bargain clothes, ate waffles by the canal, had a peek at the red light district and overlooked the city at a rooftop bar as well as tucking into some delicious food! We couldn’t have wished for a better experience. 

We also busted the Resistance Musuem which I’ll be talking about in a separate post. Amsterdam was the most perfect little getaway for us and somewhere we never wanted to leave. 

We can’t wait to see where our travelling will take us next! 

I worked with Pension Homeland for the purposes of the review but all opinions are my own. You can keep up to date with all their latest news and offers on their social media and website. 

Instagram: @pensionhomeland
Facebook: Pension Homeland 

J x