Saturday, 10 February 2018

An Amsterdam Getaway

Hey Guys,

So I’ve finally had the time to sit down and write this little post for you about our spontaneous trip away to Amsterdam! I had the luxury of having a few days of work so wanted to make the most of it as much as I could (I hate sitting still!).

We grabbed a Pizza at Doncaster Airport before flying straight to Amsterdam, a great flight time in under an hour! 

We wanted to make the most of our three nights in Amsterdam so even ended up taking a wander around the city despite getting there fairly late at night. We was always surprised by how easy it was to get around and how friendly and helpful everyone was if we was ever stuck for directions! 

We stayed at the beautiful Pension Homeland. An oasis of calm and walking distance to the centre of Amsterdam. There are so many things which make this hotel unique but the one that stands out the most to me is the location. It’s situated on what is known as the Marine Land and is formerly an old naval base. From our room we could also look out onto all the boats which was certainly a lovely view to wake up to each morning! 

The rooms are large with murals like the one in the picture above. Although we stayed here as a couple it would also be perfect for families looking for a sense of calm amongst the buzz of the city. 

Another unique aspect of this hotel is that it has its own brewery on site! I’ve never been much of one for beer myself but this is one of the nicest I’ve had (my partner who does drink beer also agrees!). It’s definitely worth popping in for a drink or two if you’re ever in the area especially at these prices! 

The thing I loved most about Amsterdam was how close everything was to each other! I’m not usually much of one for walking but we literally walked everywhere and saw so much and everyone was so friendly! We wandered round the markets where I picked up some bargain clothes, ate waffles by the canal, had a peek at the red light district and overlooked the city at a rooftop bar as well as tucking into some delicious food! We couldn’t have wished for a better experience. 

We also busted the Resistance Musuem which I’ll be talking about in a separate post. Amsterdam was the most perfect little getaway for us and somewhere we never wanted to leave. 

We can’t wait to see where our travelling will take us next! 

I worked with Pension Homeland for the purposes of the review but all opinions are my own. You can keep up to date with all their latest news and offers on their social media and website. 

Instagram: @pensionhomeland
Facebook: Pension Homeland 

J x

Sunday, 7 January 2018

New year, new travels

So as most of you will already know this blog is centred largely around traveling and my ambition to travel the world. It therefore made sense to me to do my first post of the year on all the places I hope to visit this year, it’s going to be a busy one!

New Years resolution: Travel more, worry less

1. London - I would love to visit the sky garden and spend a weekend in this busy city again!

2. Amsterdam - I am so happy to say that I have already booked flights to here for later this month and I cannot wait!

3. Paris - I’ve heard mixed reviews on Paris but I’d love to find out for myself, the Eiffel Tower is definitely on my bucket list.

4. Iceland - I think this makes the list every year for obvious reasons, maybe this year?

5. Prague - such a pretty city ideal for a weekend break, I’d love to explore this beautiful place.

Ultimately of course, everywhere is on my list. Setting clear and achieveable goals shows that it can happen if we really put our minds to it and shows us still that no matter how difficult it may seem, never give up on your dreams.

Always keep exploring.

Happy New Year!

J x

Thursday, 2 November 2017

We're all muddling through

I live a life that 90% of the time is the same routine.

Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat.

And sure I have my hobbies, I perform poetry, I write, I fit in the odd event here and there if I am not already too exhausted by the time I have spent at work. I long to get out of this place. I long to travel.

For a while now I have had the feeling of "I need to get out" every now and then I will find myself stuck in the same routine I have been living in for the past year and think "I need to get out". I am not yet sure what it is I am trying to escape from, I don't know if leaving this city will help, I know I have always felt so much better and healthier when I am travelling. I think it reminds you that the world is so big and in comparison the problems that I have are actually rather small.

The thing is I could travel, we all could, if we weren't so scared. I am 'settled'. I have a job and get reminded daily by my friends at university how hard it is to find a job these days and how 'lucky' I am. Deep down I know I am lucky to be in the positon I am in at the age I'm at. I have plenty of days of leave I could take which I could spend exploring a new country or visiting a new city but I know for that I have to be brave enough to go alone.

I hope to document all the places I go and all the experiences I have on this blog and hope that my journey, whatever that may be will inspire you to live your best life.

J x

Monday, 4 September 2017

Road trip to Edinburgh!

Hi Guys!

I have just finished an amazing but very busy week travelling from Lincolnshire, England to Edinburgh. We started by stopping for two nights in Newcastle which is a beautiful city with a very vibrant nightlife, before we made our way down to Edinburgh for three nights. Stopping for a coastal walk at Berwick-on-Tweed along the way.

We spent our first night in Newcastle relaxing after a long journey. However, we did manage to see quite a bit as we explored the local area. We visited a couple of art galleries and went down to take a some photos of Millennium Bridge. There was also a market on which we had fun browsing all the crafty goods! 

On our second day in Newcastle we took an open top hop on, hop off bus. This allowed to explore more of the city where we visited the museum and some of the local parks. We then went for cocktails at The Botanist which features a lovely rooftop bar before heading for a meal for the evening. 

After two nights in Newcastle we began to head for Edinburgh. Pictured above is the view from a lovely coastal walk we went on at Berwick on Tweed, somewhere we actually happened to find by accident! We then went for a hot chocolate at the local cafĂ© before continuing with our trip up to Edinburgh. 

Because did you even go to Scotland if you didn't take a border photo

I could fill this post with pictures of Edinburgh all day long but I will limit myself. Edinburgh is a beautiful Scottish city, everyone I met was so helpful and friendly, helping us with directions and telling us what bus to catch. Even the waiters and waitresses wanted to know our story! We headed to the castle on the first day which could quite easily be the best castle I have visited. Not only is it filled with history, with various buildings to explore but it also provides some lovely views across the city. It's definitely very easy to spend a whole day there! 

We also went to the stunning Botanic Gardens during our visit which is filled with an array of flowers and wildlife, we saw a numerous amount of squirrels and birds and they have some gorgeous glasshouses that you can explore for a small fee. My favourite part was the Chinese Garden which was such a unique area and really made the gardens stand out. There's definitely something for everyone and it's easy to catch a bus to! 

One of the best things I noticed about Edinburgh was the transport! It is absolutely filled with buses that run everywhere and anywhere for what seems like 24/7. They are so efficient and we never waited more than 15 minutes for a bus. With a day ticket costing as little as £4, this definitely makes it to best way to get around the city - the drivers are also extremely helpful so if like us you don't know where you're going, they'll give you a shout when you need to get off for your stop! 

Both Newcastle and Edinburgh are cities that I cannot wait to return to! I had an amazing trip which I feel very lucky to of been able to experience.

J x

Sunday, 13 August 2017

How to spend a weekend in Dublin!

I have just got back from a lovely weekend in Dublin with one of my best friends and whilst we had an absolute blast, we also learnt a lot about what to do when visiting the area, some things to possibly avoid and of course, the dreaded tourist traps, how we fell into them and how you don't have to!

First off, I feel as though it is important to say that Dublin is a beautiful city and one which we both agreed we would definitely go back to, we'd just do some things a little bit differently next time.

We got the bus from the airport and stayed in the Temple Bar area which I found out after arriving back is seen as one of the biggest tourist traps in Dublin. You're looking at paying six or seven euros for a pint, which is a little bit on the steep side. We even found ourselves paying 2 euros for a can of coke in some places. We was warned that Dublin was an expensive city but was gutted to learn that if we had ventured a little bit further out it could have been cheaper.

Although a statement of the typical tourist, I did feel that the open top bus tour which was hop on, hop off was one of the best things that we did during our visit. We both were classed as students so it was slightly cheaper for us but even without a student card (or being under 17) it is still great value for money, particularly if you haven't been to the area before. We found out about where everything was in Dublin, even managed to get some discounts on the booklet that came with the tour and had a very busy day exploring the various areas (I think the last bus for us was about 7pm so we managed to see a lot in the 24 hours the ticket was valid for) definitely a great experience for exploring the area and was also something that was recommended to us prior to visiting. We used the DoDublin bus tour but there are so many around the area to choose from.

Whilst there we also visited the natural history museum and the art gallery is positioned right next door which makes it very convenient to do both in one trip and we also visited the castle. We managed to pack a lot into our two day trip before heading for our flight back to England and I honestly can't wait to head back and hopefully explore more of Ireland at the same time too!

Jess x

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Negative thoughts won't find perfection

I feel as though the title of this post is an important message. We spend so long thinking "I wish I could do this", so many people have the desire to change their life but they just don't know how. I believe the key to a happy life is not only about the satisfaction of reaching your goals such as getting a new job or travelling to a new place but also about being happy and content with what you already have in existence.
I've been single for a little while now and at first I hated it. I'd just got out of a long term relationship and it felt pretty lonely having nobody there. However now I feel at one of the happiest points I have ever been. I've achieved so much in such a short space of time just by working on myself and being the best version of me I can be.
The sooner we realise how short life is, the sooner we can truly live. We waste time worrying about things that may never happen or things that don't matter when really we should be out there living and grasping every opportunity.
The only person that can change your life is you.

J x

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Olly Murs at Market Rasen!

Hey Guys!

So this is a slightly delayed post as I did see Olly Murs in Market Rasen quite some time ago now! However I thought it would still be a good experience to document on the blog!

For Christmas I got my mum tickets for ladies day at Market Rasen where Olly Murs was going to be performing in the evening. We had all been excited for months!
We went down early to enjoy some of the racing but unfortunately for that period the weather wasn't on our side! We wasn't very lucky on the betting side of things either but we all kept our smiles on and had a good time

Olly put on an amazing performance in the evening, barely stopping for breath throughout the two hour show! I loved getting all dressed up and being able to experience the day with my lovely family! I can't wait to see who's going to be performing next year!
J x