Friday, 6 May 2016

Last day at school!

Today was my last day at school. After 7 years I suppose a normal person would feel some sort of sadness at this departure but for me I  cannot help but feel almost numb. Leaving school is just another stepping stone and I can't help feeling that this is just all part of a journey. I'll start work soon as I've got an apprenticeship so really it feels like all I'm doing is moving from one institution to another, although the new role will bring with it many new opportunities and experiences and I am looking forward to it, there's no doubt about that. 
I don't know what it is about school but I've always felt a bit fed up there. Of course it's had its good days but there's also been days where I've felt that everyone around me is somewhat immature and I suppose that's come from being forced to grow up and focused from an early age. I've always been focused on doing well and having a career. When I was thinking about starting a business others were going out or playing computer games. I suppose there's nothing wrong with that, it's their choice and it may be the reason why I've also felt comfortable more around older people, considering people within my own age group to be just slightly immature and to an extent, fake. 
I cannot doubt though that I have some amazing friends and boyfriend within my own age group who have supported me on all my ambitions and I am very thankful to them for being in my life. 
I look forward to the new opportunities and adventures that the future brings 

J x

"Life is an art form to be lived beyond boundaries"

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