Friday, 20 May 2016

A week in Filey!

Earlier this month I left school a week early and went to Filey with my boyfriend and his family whist my parents went to Gran a Canaria for the week I was away. 

I was dropped off at my boyfriends house on the Saturday and over the weekend learnt how to make pancakes (kind of) as I am not the best of cooks, my very tragic attempt at a pancake is seen below, although Alan was still good enough to eat it bless him😂

On our way to the Blue Dolphin caravan park in Filey where we were stopping we stopped off at the Humber Bridge for a few photos, I hadn't stopped there before but it was a really good place to get some good photos along with some great views of the bridge and I would definitely encourage anyone to make a short stop there if they are passing. 

We was lucky that it was a sunny day on the day we set of which made the photos even better! 

We had a little trip out during our stay to get some fish and chips by the coast and whilst it was a little chilly it didn't matter to us in that moment as we was on holiday and having a good time. 

As well as this we also went on a cliff top walk which is something I've never done before but definitely a unique experience. From the caravan park you could climb up a grassy hill until reaching a fence, when climbing over there was a muddy path where you could walk along the cliff. As it was quite windy that day this probably wasn't the most sensible idea but some of the best ideas are the most crazy ones. 

And just incase you're wondering, yes I did steal his coat, I'm sorry🙈

We also visited the Sealife Sanctuary in Scarborough which is probably where a lot of my photos came from!

We also bought a keyring and photo that we had taken as we went into the sanctuary which is now pinned up on my bedroom wall along with all the other memories! 

Overall it was definitely an amazing trip and such a great experience to have! 

J x

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