Friday, 22 July 2016

10 Things I'm grateful for

I believe that sometimes in life it's important to evaluate it. even in those times when you physically feel like life couldn't be any worse, there is always hope and always something to be grateful for even if its a really little thing. As I've never done this before I have decided to sum up 10 things I'm currently grateful for

1. My BoyfriendThis pretty much goes without saying because it's obvious to everyone how much he cares about me. He supports my decisions and is always there for me whenever I need someone to rant to or times when I don't want to talk and just need a hug. He's my best friend and I would have struggled to get through some difficult times without him.

2. A supportive family
My family have recently started to realise that I'm serious about the goals that I have set myself and have started to support me more with these. I'm thankful for that because their support means a lot to me by giving me the belief that it is possible.

3. Earning an incomeWhilst work isn't exactly the most enjoyable aspect of my life I am thankful that I have been able to earn an income. It's important to me to be independent and move to my own place as soon as I am able to. It is because of this ambition that I am glad I made the decision to move into work instead of going to university.

4. Sunny Days
There has been some lovely weather recently and I'm thankful that I've been able to get outside to enjoy this. I believe that sunny days gives of a more positive vibe and being able to get outside is healthier than having to be shut up indoors due to bad weather.

5. Owning a carSo I haven't passed my test yet but I'm thankful that I am able to own my own care in order to pratice in. I have a lovely Nissan Micra which is the car that I wanted as my first car so I'm very grateful for that. Hopefully after a few years of driving I'll be able to upgrade my car to a VW Beetle.

6. The ability to travelI am so grateful that I have been able to travel so much to so many amazing places and have a holiday to look forward soon. Travel is something that I value a lot so I am grateful I have been able to have the experience.

7. The water machine in the officeBecause obviously in these summer days, water is a necessity.

8. Ice cream in the freezerMum recently bought some ice creams for the freezer which is lovely to come home from work to!

9. Exams being overThe idea that I'll never have to go to school again!

10. Lifts to workMy mum has been giving me lifts to work which I'm really grateful for! I don't need to wake up ridiculously early to get a bus!

This post proves that even if its only really small things there is always something to be grateful for! Let me know what you're currently grateful for!

J x

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