Friday, 8 July 2016


Social media has definitely drastically changed our perceptions on how we view not only ourselves but every aspect of our lives. Whilst social media has many benefits in terms of communication, advances in technology also produce a variety of consequences. Take Instagram for example, a site purely based on perception. Every influential 'instagramer' most likely has a crisp white background, matched along with perfectly edited and perfectly timed photos. They give a perception of the perfect life but that's all it is, a perception. A synchronised process of brainwashing designed to make you believe that this is the desired lifestyle and maybe for some, it is. The problem with instagram however is that it is impossible with these images and one line captions to truly get an insight into a lifestyle. We will never know what happens behind the photo, we see not only what we want to see but also what the individual posting wants us to see, it is simply a perception of the truth. A suggestion perhaps, that this is what it ought to be like, this is what could be possible. My instagram feed is full of travel photos. These stunning sunsets and crystal clear waters can only be a perception of the truth. It could of rained 10 minutes after the photo was taken, who knows? Someone does, but it won't be us. The lesson I think is not to trust or believe everything we see. Not everything is a reality and some things are simply based on how we wish they were, not what they actually are. Apps like instagram can be beneficial but they can also be very damaging, especially towards the younger generation. J x

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