Friday, 1 July 2016

The fear of not living

So today's post is on a slightly more diverse and sensitive topic in comparison to my usual lifestyle post. I have noticed that people only really tend to live when they are told they are dying, or they come to the conclusion for themselves that they are. We make bucket list and put all the dreams we have put aside most of our lives into action. We travel, we start a business, we take risks. We do things that we have only ever dreamt about before, but why? The truth, I believe, is that with death there is no fear, there is no consequences. Death is inevitable and once we have realised that conclusion that is the time that we truly begin to live. We fear leaving it too late, we fear missing our only chance. In simple terms, we don't need to save money. We can travel the world without the worry of coming back with no money. We can start that business without the risk of being in debt. We can take risks that we never could before. Because if it doesn't work out - so what? I want to adopt this attitude before I reach close to death. I want to live now, while I'm young and while I can. I know that life is short and death is the inevitable consequence. I don't want to waste a minute, we shouldn't waste it but of course, we always do. We spend far too much time looking at photos of other people doing what we want to be doing. It's time to start living. J x


  1. So true keep up teh great attitude, I need to start thinking this way as I don't have enough fun and life's too short x

  2. I totally agree with you, we should live our lives like we are dying. As Wayne Dyer would have said "die while you're alive"