Friday, 3 June 2016

The relevance of dreams

It amazes me that I've actually managed to blog for three weeks running now without forgetting or having some sort of block. 

I wanted to talk about something different today and something which isn't often openly talked about in public, although I believe it should be. Dreams, we all have them whether we decide to share them or not. 

It's hard to define what exactly a dream is. A place, a moment, a person, something we wish would happen or something that maybe already has. It's something we crave, something we long for, maybe we're born with pre-existing dreams to build us as a person, they make up who we are. 

Phrases such as "life's too short" and "follow your dreams" are throwaway cliche phrases that are used far too often. Despite this, they carry a very significant message and that is that dreams are important and that if anything, you must believe that they are possible. 

They act as a source of hope, a source of achievement, something that we can measure success by. It may never happen, but there is always hope that one day it will. 

My dream is to open an event planning business and I have worked for that from a young age and am still now continuity to work for it. I know it will take time, it's a long process but I refuse to give up on what I define as a dream. 

To dream is to live 


  1. I must admit I am quite interested in dreams and whether they have a meaning, or whether it is just your subconscious mind remembering something you have either read or watched on tv.

  2. I'm sure your dream of becoming an event planner will become reality one day. You seem quite a determined person who could achieve just about anything