Saturday, 2 April 2016

Adventures in Devon!

Devon is somewhere that I have visited many times as my grandparents live in Devon. This time though we went for more of a holiday and stayed in Torquay at Torquay Holiday Park in an apartment. The views from the park were very scenic as we was surrounded by countryside and would have been ideal for walks if the weather had been kinder to us. Luckily, on the day that we decided to visit Paignton Zoo it was a sunny day and I was also able to wear more summery clothes instead of jeans.


We spent the entire day at Paignton Zoo and stayed a lot longer than we had expected, I had been to a zoo before but only when I was very young so couldn't really remember but it really was a great experience!

As we ate our lunch the birds would roam freely among us, scavenging for leftovers so you really felt like you was amongst the animals.

Overall I would definitely recommend Paignton Zoo for all animal lovers! It really is a great experience and well worth the visit!

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