Saturday, 20 February 2016

Why it's better to keep your circle small

Over the years my friendship group has varied in size. I went from being part of a large circle and being surrounded by a lot of fake people to having a small but supportive few true friends, I much prefer it this way. 
The reason I chose to decrease my circle and focus on the few true friends I have was because of three things, experience, trust and loyalty. 
I believe these qualities are the most important in any relationship, they may take years to build up and only seconds to loose which is why gaining them, as well as giving them is very important to me. 

Experience - one of the main reasons I decreased my circle. The experience that I had with the friendship group I was previously in was not a nice one, it was a group that was difficult to leave and their personality was very self-focused. The experience that I have with my friends now is a lot different, I can talk to them about pretty much anything, they're supportive and I believe they have my back which brings me onto the next section, trust. 

Trust - trust is an incredibly important factor in all relationships, anyone that knows me relatively well will know I don't trust people easily. I can count the number of people I fully trust on one hand and although sometimes I do still et hurt, it stops me getting hurt as much. 

Loyalty - loyalty is massive, I'd like to believe that to my true friends I am very loyal. I'll have their back just in the same way they have mine and whilst I am sometimes a known gossip anything they tell me in confidence will stay that way. 

Thank you to all my amazing friends, I admire you so much ❤️


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