Friday, 15 January 2016

A Fresh Start

Today I've started this new blog, leaving behind my original blog which had around 800 followers behind it. The reason for this? A new start. I knew that my old blog wasn't functioning to the best it could be and as there was a lot of things I wanted to change I decided it would be best to start over again with Everyday Adventure 365.
These are a few of my blogging goals, particularly for this year!
  • Regular posting (At least once a week, hopefully going on to post on a set day)
  • Interaction - this is one of the major things that I want to improve from my old blog, not only interaction through comments but also interaction through various twitter chats.
  • Contests - I really enjoyed holding contests and competitions on my old blog so I hope that this is something that I can go on to engage more in with Everyday Adventure 365
  • Focus mainly on travel and lifestyle - my old blog has mainly been fashion and beauty based but I have definitely recently developed more of a passion for travel and lifestyle


1 comment:

  1. Hey Jess, good luck with your new blog! New Year, New is a good genre to write about xx