Sunday, 13 August 2017

How to spend a weekend in Dublin!

I have just got back from a lovely weekend in Dublin with one of my best friends and whilst we had an absolute blast, we also learnt a lot about what to do when visiting the area, some things to possibly avoid and of course, the dreaded tourist traps, how we fell into them and how you don't have to!

First off, I feel as though it is important to say that Dublin is a beautiful city and one which we both agreed we would definitely go back to, we'd just do some things a little bit differently next time.

We got the bus from the airport and stayed in the Temple Bar area which I found out after arriving back is seen as one of the biggest tourist traps in Dublin. You're looking at paying six or seven euros for a pint, which is a little bit on the steep side. We even found ourselves paying 2 euros for a can of coke in some places. We was warned that Dublin was an expensive city but was gutted to learn that if we had ventured a little bit further out it could have been cheaper.

Although a statement of the typical tourist, I did feel that the open top bus tour which was hop on, hop off was one of the best things that we did during our visit. We both were classed as students so it was slightly cheaper for us but even without a student card (or being under 17) it is still great value for money, particularly if you haven't been to the area before. We found out about where everything was in Dublin, even managed to get some discounts on the booklet that came with the tour and had a very busy day exploring the various areas (I think the last bus for us was about 7pm so we managed to see a lot in the 24 hours the ticket was valid for) definitely a great experience for exploring the area and was also something that was recommended to us prior to visiting. We used the DoDublin bus tour but there are so many around the area to choose from.

Whilst there we also visited the natural history museum and the art gallery is positioned right next door which makes it very convenient to do both in one trip and we also visited the castle. We managed to pack a lot into our two day trip before heading for our flight back to England and I honestly can't wait to head back and hopefully explore more of Ireland at the same time too!

Jess x

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