Monday, 1 May 2017

The Tinder Generation

Tinder is something that everyone has an opinion on, good or bad. Personally, I've noticed a massive generation gap when it comes to talking about apps like these, the younger generation see it as a new and exciting way to meet people, it's convenient and easy whereas the older generation see it as a dangerous and 'desperate' way to meet people.
I've been using Tinder now for just a couple weeks after coming out of a long term relationship. I know many of my friends use Tinder and some have even found relationships on there (shocking, I know). No, I am not using it just for sex or casual hook-ups, neither am I using it to find 'the one'. If I'm honest, I like many of the people on Tinder do not have a clue why I am on it. More than anything I see it as helping with my self-esteem by talking to new people, however ironic that sounds.

I don't know how long I'll be on Tinder, I still haven't worked out if it's really for me but it's definitely a new experience and new adventures are what I'm all about.

J x

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