Monday, 31 October 2016

Winter bucket list

Is it too soon to start thinking about Winter? The clocks have changed, the nights are getting darker and it's definitely getting colder. Despite all this Winter still remains one of my favourite seasons, there is a few things I want to achieve this Winter to get the most out of the season!

1. Visit a Christmas Market
My hometown has a Christmas Market every year and I really do enjoy the experience to get into the Christmas spirit, it's a great place to pick up some little handmade items that make very unique and special gifts for loved ones
2. Build a snowman
As a kid two of my favourite things about Winter was sledging and building snowmen, I'd love to be able to get back into that feeling of being a kid again and just messing around building a snowman (maybe not the sledging as I do feel I am slightly too old for that now, plus have no idea where my sledge actually is at this point)
3. Have a hot chocolate with Marshmallows in
I am now a regular at the Saturday football matches where I watch my boyfriend play most weekends, one of the best ways to warm up after being stood outside in the cold (or rain in one particular case I remember very well) is with a nice warm mug of hot chocolate, as a special Christmas treat though I'd love to try one with marshmallows on the top and maybe some squirty cream too
4. Watch the Christmas lights switch on
Again this is something I went to last year which I found a great experience I really enjoyed watching the lights switch on as it felt like to start of Christmas, this is something I would love to do again this year.
5. Bake Christmas cookies
Not only Christmas cookies but I'd also like to have a go at making a gingerbread house, there's no way anything I bake will come out like the photos I've seen circulating social media but I feel it is worth a shot at anyway!
Finally, the isn't something I think I am going to be able to do this year but one year I would love to go to Winter Wonderland in London, I've heard so many great things about it and it's an experience I'd love to try!

J x

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